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Forestry Research

The research arm of the Forest Department originated as a small silvicultural unit in 1937. With time, the importance of forestry was recognized along with the dwindling forest resources of the country and more emphasis was given to establish fully fledged research centers with technically competent researchers to formalize systematic forestry research concerning the upcountry and the low country.

Presently there are two regional forest research centers of the Forest Department operated under the supervision of the Conservator of Forests (Research and Education) to implement the annual research plan of the department.

The main forest research center is situated at Kurunegala while the up country research station is at Badulla. Research Stations are headed by a Chief Research Officer. They carry out applied as well as adaptive research in conservation and production forestry. Annual research program of the research centers directly caters to the Forest Department, State Timber Corporation and to the private sector engaged in plantation forestry. The center collaborates with the DFOs to organize and maintain research trial establishments at divisional level.

Apart from research activities the research staff provide advisory and consultation services to the industry and participate in education, extension and awareness building programs aimed at students and the general public.

Research Division publishes the journal “Sri Lanka Forester”, scientific journal of the Department, which helps in disseminating scientific information to the forestry sector in the country.

The research activities carried out at these centers can broadly be categorized into the following areas.

  • Silvicultural improvement of plantation forests
  • Non-timber forest product development
  • Tree improvement of plantation forests
  • Restoration of degraded forests

Forest Research Center - Kumbalpola

The main forest research center of the department is situated at Kumbalpola, Boyagane, Kurunegala and it has laboratory facilities and a small research library.

On going Research Projects are as follows;

  • Growth improvement of forest plantation species
  • Tree domestication
  • Development of propagation techniques including tissue culture
  • Seed technological studies
  • Forest Management improvement studies
  • Pest and disease control studies
  • Bamboo and rattan silvicultural development
  • Processing and harvesting studies of rattan
  • Biodiversity surveys and development of restoration methods
  • Conversion of pine plantations into broadleaved species
  • Invasive species management

A seed centre has been established in the Research Centre from which seed (mainly teak) is collected from established seed orchards and distributed to divisional staff of the Department for plantation establishment.

The centre publishes an annual Newsletter (Forest Research Newsletter) which gives valuable practical information for forestry development.

For Further information contact:

Chief Research Officer,
Forest Research Center,

Tel : 037-2238807, 037-3376471
Fax : 037-2238770
E mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Forest Research Center - Badulla

The research center is situated at Passara road, Badulla and it has a field station at Welimada in the up country.

  • On going Research Projects are as follows;
  • Genetic improvement of plantation species.
  • Seed orchard establishment and maintenance.
  • Local species domestication programme.
  • Vegetative propagation studies.
  • Bio-fuel crop improvement programme.

For Further information contact:

Research Officer-in-Charge,
Forest Research Center,
Passara Road,

Tel : 055- 2226318
Email : research.badulla[AT]

National Forestry Research Committee

National Forestry Sector Research Committee which is consisting of a multidisciplinary team of eminent forestry scientists and forest industrialists with the members of the Forest Department with ex-officio status was set up in 1990 with the main objective to prioritize and co-ordinate research relevant to forestry sector in the country and to advise the Ministry/Forest Department on policy planning matters of forestry sector.

In addition the research community expects the establishment of forestry research network to prevent unnecessary duplication of effort, provision of guidance to improve the utilization of research funds and to fill research gaps from the committee.

Main Functions of the Committee are;

  • Prioritize and make recommendations to appropriate authorities on research required in the implementation of the National Forestry Policy.
  • Direct, co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate forestry research in Sri Lanka to meet the objectives of the National Forestry Policy.

Specific Activities

  • Evaluate research proposals received by the Forestry Sector Research Committee in the field of Forestry and advise the Ministry/ Department on their suitability for acceptance and the priority that should be accorded to them, keeping in mind present and future needs.
  • Assess and advice the Ministry/ Department on the scientific and budgeting aspects of research projects in relation to the importance of the project, its scope and workload involved in the particular forest area.
  • Monitor at regular intervals the progress of research on the projects approved.
  • Study the status of research and development in the field of forest sciences and make recommendations thereupon to the Ministry/ Department

The committee is chaired by the Conservator General of Forests ex officio and the Research and Education Division of the Forest Department serves as the focal point to coordinates forestry related research activities in state forests through the committee. The division organizes its meetings and receives research proposals forwarded for the approval of the committee.

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